The DC Commission on Fashion, Arts and Events (CFAE) has a mission:  To position Washington, DC as an emerging market for the fashion and beauty industries.  They are well on their way to achieving that goal but it takes a collective effort from all of you….the workers and creative forces behind fashion and beauty.

In order to establish and develop a brain trust of fashion and beauty leaders who can support the continual development of the creative economy, involvement and engagement is essential.  Your ideas, track record, resume and passion have positioned Washington, DC as a competitive market for the fashion and beauty industry.

Just as New York and Paris have been the established hubs for the fashion world, the CFAE’s priority is to position DC as a leading “Fashion Destination”.  With your help, a series of events, workshops, retail development initiatives, education and workforce development and strategic marketing campaigns are in the works to achieve their goal.

Over the past 4 years, the growth within the DC fashion industry has been astounding.  There are almost 2,600 active fashion industry businesses in the district with over 7,500 workers employed; almost a 50% increase since 2012.

The fashion scene in DC is a key part of the creative economy.  You, your company, your associates and colleagues have all contributed to that growth and success, but it’s just the beginning.

Sign-up to receive updates, event information and important industry information via our BLOG.  Invite your inner circle to take the brief survey and provide us critical information needed to best meet your needs. Add your details to the community calendar and we will help spread the word to draw people to your event.

DC is Fashion. The commitment to growth, success and forward thinking creative trends starts with YOU. Get involved, connect and share best practices with your community.  Be proud of the strides taken and take an active role in the future of the industry.

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