Blogging Tips from a Blogger

By: District Vy

Starting a blog is very similar to starting your own small business! It takes a lot of time and effort! While I am not an expert myself, I can relate to the “newbies” and those that may be nervous to start! Beginning is hard, but I will share some of the tips and tricks I have up my sleeves to help anyone starting out.

Gain Confidence by Support
When I first started, I was intimidated and felt very vulnerable to failure. I was constantly asking myself “what if this doesn’t work out?”

I began consulting with the people closest to me, who I trusted to give me their honest opinions. I started talking to my friends, family, and coworkers – my support groups. It took me a solid week of consulting with these people before I gained the courage to finally put my ideas into action.

I started gaining more confidence through all the support I received in my new journey, and started telling people “I will” instead of asking, “should I?”

Get an Idol
Before I started, I set a lot of time aside to research the blogging word! I picked a couple of bloggers who I admire and examined what they did to become as successful as they are. Having someone you can look up to and get mentorship from is always helpful! You’ll be surprised at how encouraging and supportive people are.

Choose What Is Best for You and Do Your Research:
I searched up different domains, hosting sites, photo editors, and blogging tools. I highly recommend searching which domain you want to host your site on. Here are some helpful options:

Also, there are a variety of free applications that offer quick photo editing solutions and blogging assistance. While they may not be as advanced as the more expensive applications, I use them all the time and they accomplish exactly what I need. These are some of my favorite free apps:

VSCO: a great photo editing tool for beginners
UNUM: how I plan my Instagram feed
Followers+: how I check my growth and followers.

Get Organized:
Once I solidified the idea that I wanted to start my blog, I went to the drawing board and wrote down all my thoughts and ideas.

I started to use my Calendar a bit more aggressively and set goals for myself within a realistic timeline. Some of these goals included:
Finishing my logo, website, and social media handles
Launching the website
Spacing out content

Keep Content Consistent:
Once you have begun, make sure you stay consistent! It's vital that you keep up with your social media and blog posts, ensuring that everything is updated. Consistency will keep your current followers coming back and attract new followers as well.

To create a good following, you must engage with people! Make sure you use your social media handle to update your followers on things you are working on. Some social media tips include:
Using hash tags: Don't be afraid to use as many as you can.
Tags: Instagram allows up to 20 tags in a photo; use them! Tag feature pages so maybe your post will get noticed.
Post at peak times: Weekdays after 5:00pm is my favorite time to post since everyone is online!
Comment back/like back!

Don’t Be Afraid to Collaborate:
If someone DMs you or emails you, do not be afraid to say “yes!” That’s actually the best thing to do when growing your brand. Collaborating is the heart of blogging. I especially love it because I'm able to build meaningful connections and gain the opportunity to meet amazing people through these encounters.

In that same token, if you want to work with someone, go for it! Don't be nervous to make the first move and ask! I know I personally love getting collaboration emails because it benefits both parties.

I hope these tips help begin your blogging journey! Please don’t hesitate to email me for any additional questions.

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